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    Newsletters & CER

Recognizing your sales team is a crucial part of your business.  We offer newsletters that will help you communicate, encourage, engage, and educate your team alongside the recognition.

Since 2013, we've offered concise training guides for new team members and developing leaders, as well as supplemental reports, news, announcements, and more to help keep your team growing and moving forward.


Our approach to newsletters is simple.  You supply us with the basic information each month and we produce a magazine-style newsletter you'll be proud to share with your team.

Don't need a full newsletter? Just need something quick to share on social media? No problem! We work with you to develop what works for you, your budget, and the needs of your team!

Have questions? Check out our FAQs!

 Direct Sales Leader Service Options


Weekly News

Notes from Leader Live Call


Weekly newsletter featuring key points from the monthly playbook plus "words to say" scripts, training tips, and current announcements that you need to break down and communicate with your team.

A real time-saver for busy or new leaders.

This weekly subscription publishes on Tuesday evenings dated for you to share how and when you like on Wednesday.



Social Scoop

Shareable to help ease into leadership

*SC/EC Only

A simplified version of our weekly news with notes and tips to share with your new team members, but formatted and drilled down to share on social media in just a couple of primary focus posts and branded with your team name or logo.

This weekly JPG subscription publishes on Tuesday evenings, ready to share when you like and how you like!



cer sample_page_1.jpg

Monthly CER

Content + Recognition Newsletter


Magazine-style newsletter that features a team branded cover page, director page, recognition stats for your gen 0, celebratory mentions for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, milestone achievements, plus articles from a range of topics - booking, recruiting, selling, hostess coaching, and business management. We also have lineage options available, just ask.



Social CER

Shareable CER for new leaders
*SC/EC Only

Looking for a quick, simple and shareable social post to CER your team? Then this is your Celebration Solution!

Under your team name or logo, we'll design social posts each month celebrating your top 5 in sales and sponsoring along with your choice of a third CER category. Perfect for sharing on 
Facebook groups or Project Broadcast.





Annual Fiscal Year-End Recognition

Your team's performance in a nutshell!  This drilled down stats-only newsletter helps you recognize not only the cream of the crop but your entire team.  From Top sales and parties to recruiting - all primary focus areas are highlighted by title and as a group. Lineage, as well as director & team stats recognition, is available too - ask about custom options and celebrate what's important to you!




Admin Help

Happy mail, pulling reports, and more


You're busy and paperwork is not what you want to focus on - so leave all of that to us! We love helping with Happy Mail, digital celebration deliveries, at-risk reminders, new consultant welcome monitoring, pulling reports, and more!  Let us help take over some of the workload so you can focus on running your business, making sales, and taking care of your customers




"My team thinks I'm so awesome because of the newsletter quality! Thanks so much for all the training info - it's great!"


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