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Q:  How do I get you my information each month?

A:  We can pull reports for you if you like for a small fee or you'll submit them online by a simple form each month.

Q:  How do I get my newsletters from you?

A:  You'll be notified that your newsletter is ready in your client portal. You simply login, download, and share.

Q:  What stats do you need? How do I get them?

A:  From your back office, run your report in list view and export it to Excel/CSV format.

Q:  I only want to include my Gen 0 in my stats, how do I make sure it is not full lineage?

A:  Just tell us - we'll sort things out for you. Told you it was simple.

Q:  Do I have to supply you with content for the newsletter each month?

A:  Absolutely not!  Unless you want to!  Standard content articles will be provided for you.

Q:  What is the Consultant Focus?

A:  The Consultant Focus is a dedicated page to highlight or feature one consultant. Do you have to do it? No!


Q:  What do I need to provide you for the Consultant Focus page if I want to include it?

A:  I suggest you have the consultant answer a series of 4-5 questions. Upload responses and photo to me!


Q:  I don't have a logo - is that okay?

A:  Sure!  I will simply feature your team name in text - no problem!


Q:  Do you do logos?

A:  Sure do!  Simply contact me with ideas, colors, etc., and we can work on it for you!


Q:  Can I setup autobilling for my account?

A:  Absolutely!  Call me and we can set it up over the phone with a card or PayPal.


Q:  Another director in my upline/downline uses your service to do their newsletter, can I use you too?

A:  You sure can!  I encourage all directors that use Chicory Cottage for newsletters to send only to their Gen 0.

      This helps to avoid duplication.


Q:  If I want to send something to my full lineage, can we do that too?

A:  Of course!  We have options to send stats only newsletters that would include recognition for your full lineage.


Q:  How do I pay you?

A:  Easy!  Invoices are emailed to you.  Simply click the link in the email to view and pay your invoice.


Q:  I think I forgot to pay my invoice.  Can I check this somehow?

A.  Yes! Visit Chicory Cottage Billing to view your account, print and pay invoices. You can also use autobilling.


Q:  How does invoicing work?

A:  Invoices are billed the first week of the month. If you are on autobilling, authorizations happen just before your renewal.

     The bundled discount is given towards the monthly recognition newsletter.

     (Note: As of 09/01/2016, the bundled option is no longer available and all newsletters are billed at the list price).


Q:  I am thinking of ordering your Welcome to the Team Guide. How does the pricing work?

A.  The first guide is $35.  Updates are released with catalog changes and updates are $10 and optional.


Q:  There is a late fee on my invoice. Why?

A.  All invoices are due on receipt.  We do allow you to wait until you get paid to pay our invoice. 

      Invoices that are 31+ days old will be charged a late fee.


Q:  Do you do business cards or postcards?

A.  Yes! We do a full range of graphic design products - banners, business cards, postcards, fliers, brochures, promotional products, logos, t-shirt artwork, and more. Check out our online store for some product offers (subject to change) or contact us to place an order.

Q:  I have stopped receiving my newsletters! What happened?

A.  Did you pay your bill? We do send out reminders about overdue accounts and make every effort possible before we have to cut someone off. If you contact us and setup a payment arrangement, we will be happy to restart your newsletter services. Oh, and just so you are aware, if you don't pay the balance, we won't be able to continue your other services either, like happy mail and consultant guides. So call us :)

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