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Custom Fundraiser

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Product Details

Full Color Cover - Any featured product
1 Order form personalized with your information
1 Information sheet personalized with your information
1 Personalization guide sheet

Want to order a custom single or focused product fundraising form for your customers? Let us help!
The information sheet provides an introduction about the fundraiser, details on how to order, and ways to reach you with questions keeping things simple for you, your fundraising clients, and their customers.

-Printing Options-
8.5x11" Paper - cover on the front/order blank on the back; repeat the personalization sheet
11x17" Paper - fold in half like a booklet - all four sheets will fit on the front and back of each sheet.

-Traditional Party-
Drives sales online to the Fundraiser Party already setup. Donate a portion of your commission to the organization with traditional party orders on or offline.

-Marketplace Order-
Realize immediate profits for both you and the organization by sharing the 40% discount and still receive credit for your PV! It's a win-win for both! Simply provide a link to a cloud-based digital catalog and order blanks for Marketplace sharing fundraisers.

This is NOT an instant delivery product, but a customized design for your fundraiser.

-Information will be gathered as you complete your purchase
-Your custom form will be designed and delivered within 24-48 hours
-Design includes cover, order form, info sheet, and personalization sheet

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